Arizona Department of Health Services

Official Reopening Attestation for Indoor Gyms and Fitness Clubs/Centers

Executive Order ("E.O.") 2020-43
Pausing of Arizona's Reopening, Slowing the Spread of COVID-19

On June 29, 2020, Governor Ducey issued E.O. 2020-43, Pausing Arizona’s Reopening, Slowing the Spread of COVID-19. Pursuant to E.O. 2020-43, beginning on Monday, June 29, at 8:00 P.M., all indoor gyms and fitness clubs/centers in the State of Arizona, were required to pause operations.

Pursuant to E.O 2020-43, the Arizona Department of Health Services ("ADHS") was directed to develop a form where entities can attest they are in compliance with ADHS COVID-19 guidance related to business operations. This information is to be provided to the public on ADHS' website. In accordance with E.O. 2020-43, and to ensure that the public is provided information on entities that submitted an attestation for authorization to reopen when it is deemed safe to do so, all completed and submitted attestation forms will be posted and available for public review on ADHS' website.

Pursuant to E.O. 2020-43, ADHS or a local governmental jurisdiction shall have the authority to take immediate action against an entity that operates without submitting this attestation to ADHS and posting it in an easily visible public place on the entity's premises.

To review up-to-date information regarding ADHS' emergency response to COVID-19 and information for businesses, please visit

* Required


I hereby attest, by submitting this form, that the business entity listed below is acknowledging its understanding that it shall pause operations through any mandated closure and that it has developed and implemented the minimum criteria as outlined in E.O. 2020-36 and E.O. 2020-40, including that the entity has or will: *


By electronically submitting this form, the submitter is attesting under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge, information, and belief, that he/she has the authority to act on the behalf of the entity and that the entity, and all of its locations agree to be bound by this attestation.

By submitting this attestation, the entity is acknowledging its understanding that pursuant to E.O. 2020-43 IT SHALL PAUSE OPERATIONS THROUGH ANY MANDATED CLOSURE, SUBJECT TO ANY EXTENSION OR MODIFICATION OF E.O. 2020-43. Submission of this attestation does not provide the entity with the authority to reopen and begin operations.

By submitting this attestation, the indoor gym and fitness club/center is agreeing to meet the guidance in the ADHS Requirements for Indoor Gyms and Fitness Clubs/Centers document dated July 22, 2020 ( ADHS will notify entity owners of any change to the guidance document, and entity owners agree to be compliant with updated guidance within 48 hours of publication.

By submitting this attestation, the entity also agrees that ADHS or the county health department (at its discretion) may ensure compliance with the attestation.

Notwithstanding the submission of this attestation, if ADHS becomes aware of actions taken by the entity that jeopardize the health, safety, and welfare of the public or that the representations in this attestation are false, ADHS may take additional action as necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

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